Ferrous Scrap Metal

Looking for a reputable scrap metal recycling firm to clean up the business waste after manufacturing? We can help you and offer cash for leftover scrap metal.

We are international scrap metal dealers based in Australia, committed to providing a range of environmentally friendly scrap material solutions to various clients including private companies, demolition companies, and the general public.

At Tecbo Group, we strive to fulfill our goal of offering quality, reliable and flexible solutions to clients throughout Asia, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

You can become a permanent supplier of your business waste or trade with a whole lot of leftover with us, we will be happy to manage your scrap metal waste.

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Buy, Process & Sell All grades of Ferrous Scrap Metal

As a full-service scrap metal recycling dealer in Australia, we help global end users in handling waste management problems. You can rely on us in getting the maximum value of your waste material.


HMS 1 Scrap is a mix of construction, mills, railroad, industrial, commercial waste and more.

It is prepared from wrought iron and steel scrap. We are a trusted firm in Australia in recycling heavy melting steel (HMS 1). HMS 1 unlike HMS 3 does not contain galvanized and blackened steel.

At Tecbo group, we are offering a wide range of HMS 1 scrap that meets the raw material demands of various steel plants.

  • STEEL HMS 1 & 2 80/20

HMS 1 and HMS 2 are the widely traded scrap material in the western hemisphere. It contains only obsolete scrap including iron or recovered steel.

We can recycle HMS 1 & 2 scraps into the size, density, and purity you desire to meet all needs of steel mills.


Ferrous means scrap of iron and steel. Steel can bundles recycling is the majorly used process. Today, over 50% of steel in the world is produced from this category.

Steel can bundles scrap contains food cans, oil cans, paint cans, beer tins etc.

As a reputed scrap metal dealer, we can provide you with the best waste management solutions with no impurities in the output.

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We can turn your cluttered piles of car bodies into compact, ready-to-ship bales. You can rest assured that we would provide the best prices and the best value for money for all your obsolete equipment.


Busheling consists of clean wrought iron and soft steel pipes. At Tecbo group, we are committed to offer top-quality busheling scrap solutions throughout Australia, Asia, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia.

Busheling Scrap is generally used to manufacture products after melting and recycling this scrap. These are highly used in various industrial applications.

  • PNS

This is the type of scrap used to manufacture different types of industrial items. With scrap metal recycling, it can be reused for a longer period and have high utility in both the corporate and commercial sector.

Recycling Solutions

  • Ferrous
  • Non-ferrous
  • HMS
  • Plastic
  • Paper

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